Gear Up! Best DJI Drone Accessories for Every Pilot!

Gear Up! Best DJI Drone Accessories for Every Pilot!
Andy Hayes

DJI drones straight out of the box are exciting and create a whole world of possibilities when capturing aerial shots, but what if we told you it could be even better! There's a whole new world of drone excitement waiting for you with some amazing gear and accessories. Many rookie pilots don't realise the magic of drone accessories until they're up in the air and something feels a bit off. To help you level up your drone game and boost your in-flight adventures, we've lined up the top 10 must-have DJI drone accessories. These additions will seriously up your game and make your skyward journeys even more amazing. So, get ready to be wowed as your accessory collection takes your drone experience to new heights.


A less than adequate flight can leave many pilots feeling short-changed on the fun factor, and for pro aerial photographers, it's a definite buzzkill. That's why having a stash of 3 or 4 extra batteries is a non-negotiable. Who wants their soaring adventure cut short because of a battery low? So, don't forget to pack those extra battery packs and unlock longer, limitless flights that'll have you soaring above the sky for as long as your heart desires. Alternatively, upgrade your drones battery to an intelligent flight battery. 

Propeller Guards

Are you looking for a simple solution to safeguard both your delicate drone propellers and enhance your flying safety? Just attach propeller guards to your drone and put your worries at ease. These specially designed guards are both dependable and user-friendly, ensuring the protection of you, your drone, and those nearby. They are an indispensable addition for all pilots of every ability!

Batteries Charging Hubs

Tired of the tedious process of individually charging your batteries? Say goodbye to the waiting game and embrace the convenience of a battery charging hub. This intelligent, speedy, and dependable device can simultaneously charge multiple intelligent flight batteries. Its smart features enable it to charge the batteries sequentially, starting with the highest power level and working its way down. Say hello to uninterrupted power with a charging hub!

Filter Kits

Employing a filter kit with your drone takes your aerial photography and videography game up a notch. These nifty tools work wonders, enhancing image quality by managing light, cutting down on pesky glare, and even sprinkling in some artistic charm. You've got neutral density (ND) filters, the maestros of smoother footage thanks to their shutter speed control, and polarizing filters that kick reflections to the curb. Plus, they double up as lens guardians and let you open up that aperture wide.

SD Cards

There's nothing more frustrating than being all set for the perfect shot only to find your SD card malfunctioning or maxed out. Prevent such disappointments by having an ample supply of compatible Micro SD Cards on hand. The certified SanDisk SD card not only allows you to capture every detail of your adventures but also eliminates the hassle of transferring videos between devices. With 32 GB storage, you can record up to 40 minutes of 4K video, and with 64 GB, you can capture up to 80 minutes of footage.

Landing Pads

In less than ideal take-off locations, where the ground may be wet, sandy, or snowy, it's essential to safeguard your drone. A portable, easily foldable landing pad is the answer to your concerns about potential damage to your drone during take-off and landing on challenging surfaces. Plus, it comes with pegs for securing it firmly to the ground, even in windy conditions.

Exploring essential accessories for DJI drones, such as extra batteries, propeller and landing pads will allow yourself to elevate your drone experience. You can find all of these accessories available on our site, with prices ranging to suit every budget!

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