Should I consider DJI Care Refresh?

Should I consider DJI Care Refresh?
Andy Hayes

Despite the constant efforts to make drones as durable as possible to different weather conditions, sadly they are not invincible. Whilst we would like to tell you that our drones won't or you would never crash them is simply not the case. Choosing a DJI Care Refresh plan is the perfect answer to put your mind at ease, and here's why!

If you are looking to invest in a drone, then a DJI Care Refresh plan gives great peace of mind to anyone who might have the fear of having their beloved flying camera drone turned into smithereens. Here's why we think signing up to DJI care refresh is seriously worth considering!

What is DJI Care Refresh?

In summary, DJI Care Refresh offers physical damage protection for your drone, provided by DJI. A DJI Care Refresh plan can either be set up for a one year plan or two year plan and offers up to four drone replacements throughout the care plan. 

Replacement drones are either new or refurbished units that match the performance and reliability of a brand-new drone. Please be advised though, there is a cut off point that takes place to buy DJI Care Refresh and this is within 48 hours of purchasing the inactivated drone.

Drop In Replacement Fees

The overall replacement fee for each drone has decreased by up to 35%. Furthermore, instead of separate fees for each replacement count, there is now a single replacement fee for each count.

For instance, under the previous DJI Care Refresh structure, a Mavic 3 Pro would cost £209 for Care Refresh, with the first replacement at £139 and the second replacement at £209. Under the new 2023 structure, the Mavic 3 Pro is still £309 for the cost of Care Refresh, with the first replacement priced at £189, however, the second replacement is at that same £189 price tag. A significant decrease of £70 over the previous price structure.

Extended Coverage Period

Previously, you could only cover your drone for 24 months (2 years). Now, you have the option to extend your current DJI Care Refresh for an additional third year.

If you currently have a 2-year service and wish to upgrade it to 3 years, you can do so by acquiring a 1-year DJI Care Refresh Plan through the Service section of the DJI Retail store while your coverage is still active.

DJI Care Refresh Pricing

Similar to any insurance policy, DJI Care Refresh provides benefits in case of accidental loss of a drone.

The cost of DJI Care Refresh, like insurance, depends on the model of the drone being covered. The more expensive the drone is to replace, the higher the initial DJI Care Refresh and replacement drone costs.

Below is a chart of DJI-covered drones, as well as handheld items that are also available to have with a care refresh plan. This table outlines the price of a 1-year DJI Care Refresh service, the replacement cost for the item and the Market Value Percentage of the Drone compared to the pricing of a new unit, as per the DJI Retail store. When you consider the average care cost percentage to only be -- of the price of a new product, it really does speak for itself.

Model Care
Refresh Price
Price of
New Product
Care Cost
DJI Air 2S £89 £109 £899 23%
DJI Air 3 £99 £89 £962 20%
DJI Avata £55 £45 £499 21%
DJI FPV £189 £199 £959 41%
DJI Mavic 3
£139 £119 £1,529 17%
DJI Mavic 3
£209 £139 £1,879 19%
DJI Mini 2 SE £55 £27 £309 27%
DJI Mini 3 £55 £39 £519 19%
DJI Mini 3 Pro £75 £62 £709 19%
DJI Mini 4 Pro £75 £62 £689 20%
DJI Pocket 2 £29 £29 £339 18%
DJI RS 3 £46 £39 £469 19%
DJI RS 3 Mini £35 £29 £339 19%
DJI RS 3 Pro £79 £59 £749 19%
Osmo Action 4 £22 £19 £379 11%
Osmo Action 3 £22 £16 £309 13%
Osmo Mobile 6 £8 £8 £135 12%
Osmo Mobile SE £7 £7 £95 15%

Prices correct as of 3rd October 2023

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